Atomic Monks

Who We Are

Once upon a time, I used to make games like Mutant Freaks of Nature and WordWars. I wish I was still making games but life is mostly job and family. But never say never! In the meantime, I've been at this a long time, so maybe you'll find something useful and interesting here.

What We Have

There are some fun technical demos that never made it into a game but that you may find interesting. Maybe they'll give you an idea for your own project.

There's also my blog, which admittedly doesn't get updated a lot. I'll try to do better with the refresh of the website.

What Is an Atomic Monk?

This is mostly a flashback to the original Wasteland and Fallout games which our group of gaming buddies loved dearly. There were numerous cults that worshipped radiation and/or atomic bombs (such as Followers of the Apocalypse). It's part dark humor, part morbid fascination with radiation and nuclear devastation.