Who We Are

We make games whenever we get the chance, generally on nights and weekends. We do have families, after all. We do this because we enjoy it…any money we get out of it is sweet, sweet, gravy.

Our Stuff

Mutant Freaks of NatureMutant Freaks of Nature was our first browser-based game, MFoN is an old-school RPG set in a post-apocalyptic world. After life had smacked us around a couple of years, we had planned to get back to tweaking it and adding new content. Sadly, key files and code had been lost. Back in January 2016 we finally took the game offline when we moved to a new host. Feel free to visit its retirement page and take a look back at what we had accomplished.

Technical Demos

We do like to play around with stuff. Experiments with WebGL, JavaScript, animation, etc. are not unusual. You can find several examples in the “For Developers” menu above. Feel free to play, peek, and steal from them. And don’t forget to check out Atomic Slots in the games menu…which is a fun technical demo.