Decision 2013

Well, so much for that last plan. Even then, I apparently underestimated the happy time-sap that is a child.

When I finally sat down to really, seriously start looking at Mutant Freaks of Nature again, I realized I couldn’t remember half the PHP I’d used to write it. It was daunting, and old…and unexciting. Sadly, I had to admit I’d been ready to move on for quite a while. It just took me a while to admit it.

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Indecision 2011

So back in early 2009 I had decided there were several (mostly little) things I didn’t like about Mutant Freaks of Nature. I started the process of making some smallish changes, which eventually touched every file in the game. Then I decided that since I’d gone that far, I should really just rewrite from the ground up to give it a better code base. Then I changed my mind about the interface, then this thing, then that thing.

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