Secrets of the JavaScript Ninja: Chapter 1 Review

As an exercise in self-improvement, I’m reading Secrets of the JavaScript Ninja (by John Resig and Bear Bibeault). I further intend to post/comment/review every chapter therein. And all in a decent timeframe! So without further adieu:

Enter the Ninja

This short chapter talks mostly about aspects of cross-browser development. Mostly in pointing out that it’s hard. Definitely harder than most people (including developers) think. The authors encourage the obvious: a cost/benefit analysis per project to determine browser support. Unsurprisingly, IE 6 is considered horrendously expensive to support by any measure. Of all the benefits of finally migrating away from legacy IE versions, cost savings had never really occurred to me. It’s obvious it retrospect. Firefox, Chrome/Safari, and IE 9+ are considered low-cost for development.

Chapter 1 briefly mentions unit and performance testing, with promises to cover that later. I’m a little intrigued with the prospect of actually developing these as part of the book itself.

The last point of the chapter is to make the case that the best way to learn is to study the masters. This might be a little redundant, as most people purchasing this book are likely familiar with the authors already. I know that’s why I bought the book.

 What I Learned in This Chapter:

It would be surprising to actually learn much from an introduction. I was not surprised.