Atomic Monks

Mutant Freaks of Nature

Before everyone was doing browser-based RPGs we had this peculiar old-school game set in the post-apocalyptic midwestern United States. It entered an open beta on Januray 1, 2008. The full release was late March the same year. It got frequent updates through the spring of 2009. After that, real life happened and I was unable to work on it for almost two years except for very minor fixes. Much of the source (specifically for the tooling) got lost during that time. Still, I managed an official update in 2011, and that was it.

By the time I made the decision to shut it down in 2016, traffic had really dropped off.

A big thanks to everyone that contributed, donated, and played over the years. The next pages are a sort of memorial or restrospective.

The original logo.